We are Obsessed with Ticketing

(so you don’t have to be)

We make life better for operators and your fans. Easily implement the latest technology and unlock the power of truly digital blockchain ticketing.

Your Ticketing problems:

solved ✔

We like to first solve problems, then over deliver on value

Get your Money

We will not hold your money. Having immediate access to ticket funds means more control over your finances. It’s your money, you should have when you earn it.

Eliminate Fraud

On the Blockchain means security. No more counterfeiting and scalping. You’re protected. Rest easy.

Keep fans coming back year after year

Reward and build relationships with Relic's digital smart tickets. Create utility (value) associated with a fan's ticket to drive desired behavior. Don’t worry, we’ll help you.

Transform the way you do ticketing.

Relic delivers a ticketing experience that’s unrivaled in its ease of use, flexibility and security. Everything you experience now (Web2), plus the benefits of Web3 with ZERO integration risk. Implementing Relic delivers the best of all worlds.

We understand many attendees aren’t Web3 native. We mask everything Web3 that’s not relevant. Then when it is, we expose it.

This makes for a seamless bridge from Web2 to Web3
(It’s good to know you have it if you want it.)

Untapped Potential: No Extra Charge

Big Benefits, out of the gate


All Relic tickets issued are digital and programmable giving you the power to control an entire ticket’s lifecycle. Set the rules for ticket pricing and (re)sales while flexibly configuring endless variations, with discounts and dynamic pricing.

Your Brand

Control your brand throughout the whole customer flow. Your logo and style are integrated into our beautiful minimalistic design.

Your Revenue

Only you control the service fees, the potential markups in the secondary market and how the revenue is divided between players. Revenue is always directly transferred to your payment service provider.

Your Data

Our smart tickets produce over 3 times more data and it’s all yours. Grow your community by building your own database and easily optimize your marketing efforts for future events and specific target groups.

Your Engagement

Support and grow your fan community by directly communicating through effective channels and adding new revenue sources. Notify them about upcoming events, presales or safety guidelines. Your data is always verified and correct.

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5 Star Rating

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What We Believe

What happened to respect?

Here’s what we believe:

It’s rough out there.
Ticketing needs to change.

It’s simple.
You get what you deserve. And you deserve better.

We believe you deserve:

  • A partner that cares.
  • A partner that believes in the power of respect.
  • A partner committed to your success (not theirs) from day 1.
  • A partner that wants to improve people’s lives-bring them more joy.

That’s who we are. That’s why we exist. Relic Tickets.

We believe it is time to add RESPECT back into the ecosystem. RESPECT for the fans and RESPECT for the operators who care about their experience. We believe in heart first, wallet second. If we can help those creating experiences connect with their fans in strong emotional ways, fans will become fans forever.

Plus, We are obsessed with ticketing. Let us take that off your plate — we’re pretty sure you have plenty of other things to focus on.

We know because we’ve been there.

Our team has 20+ years in the entertainment space working with enabling tech that has changed many companies. Our relationships and understanding cross many verticals from sports leagues and associations to gaming and the enterprise.

We’ve dug trenches for cable wires for the PGA, moved porta-poddies, produced the first VR stream of an NBA game, been frauded, consoled fans denied access due to fraud, created acoustical sound baths for musical festivals, been scalped, had to pay fees that seemed unreasonable… you get it.

Where it’s going.

It’s time to partner with a company that not only knows where the space is but where it is going. We are also entering a new world of Web3. We understand the power of this. We also understand that most of us are not yet Web3 enabled. We’ll get you there with elegance and appreciation.

We believe it’s time for a change.
We hope to be able to serve you in a way that makes you remarkable.
The Relic Tickets team.

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