Reward your fans with NFT ticketing

Relic Tickets uses blockchain technology to issue smart tickets packed with amazing benefits for fans and the management tools you need. Say goodbye to counterfeit tickets while continuing to serve primary and resale markets with Relic Tickets.

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Business-side benefits that you'll love

Revenue & costs

Unlimited ticket types and upsells, all in one place. Save valuable time and prevent costly mistakes, while enjoying real-time revenue payouts and insights into your finances.

Selling & reselling with ease

Relic Tickets uses Guaranteed Entrance Protocol (GET). This framework makes our tickets safe and secure, and allows for the open distribution and monitoring of all profits in both the primary and secondary markets.

In-depth marketing insights

Collect relevant data from current & previous ticket holders and friend groups. Cater to specific target groups, identify your superusers and make every move a calculated one.

Powerful features for brands, artists, and more!

With awesome features such as ticket sharing and direct communication, the fun for your customers starts the moment a ticket is purchased and continues long after the event takes place.

Issue digital smart tickets

You have total control and insight during your event cycle, thanks to the real-time data that shows ticket ownership & activity.

Say goodbye to counterfeit tickets

Our tickets are registered on the blockchain and connected to each visitor’s smartphones, making fraud impossible.

Serve primary and secondary markets

Once you create your tickets, they are ready to be sold on any channel. Fans can sell them on a secure secondary market.

Tickets should be rewarding

Pre-event rewards

Once you buy your ticket, you can receive direct communication from the event. So you can receive increased value (giveaways, gifts and more) before the event even begins.

Post event benefits

Once the event is over, the value of your ticket doesn’t end. Your ticket is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), holding value that you can obtain by selling your ticket on the secondary market for years to come!

Sharing tickets should be effortless

Sharing tickets should be easy. No more holding each individual ticket on one device. Create a group of your closest contacts, enter the email you want to share your tickets with and that’s it!

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