We are

with ticketing

(so you don’t have to be)

Easily have your tickets on the blockchain as NFTs.

We make life better for experience operators and your fans.


Transform the way you do ticketing.

Relic delivers a ticketing experience that’s unrivaled in its ease of use, flexibility and safety. Implementing Relic means the best of all worlds. Everything you experience now (web2), plus a non-invasive layer, enabling you to tap into the benefits of NFTs with ZERO integration risk.

Your Ticketing problems: solved.

No waiting for your Money

Having immediate access to funds means more control over your finances

No More Fraud

On the Blockchain means security. No more counterfeiting and scalping. You’re protected.

No More Wondering Track Ownership

With Digital Smart Tickets you can Track ownership in real time through paperless tickets on the blockchain


Untapped Potential: no extra charge

We like to first solve problems, and deliver even more value

Your current provider

Optimized Primary Sale

Capture money ticket sales on the secondary marketing

Tickets have Utility and become more than just digital collectibles

Reward Yout True Fans

Web 2

Same as your existing platform

Globally Validated System
Tried and tested system with daily users across the globe.

Frictionless ticketing Experience
• easy • flexible • safe.

Web 3

Unrivalled data

Clear, verifiable data on ticket ownership, vastly improving marketing efforts.


Tickets become tradable/sellable digital collectibles (NFTs), with untapped utility for fans & event organizers.


Total control and insights over the primary & secondary market. Take in the profit that would have gone to scalpers.


Meet our smart-ticket

Powered by the proven GET Protocol on blockchain
  • Linked to a unique mobile phone number
  • Self updating, rotating QR code makes fraud impossible
  • Always Sellable: anonymous and quick
  • Price Control: resell price can be controlled
  • Multiple privileges packed into one ticket

RELIC’s ticketing system to use the Guaranteed Entrance Protocol. Simply put: This protocol makes our tickets smart, secure and allows for clear distribution and monitoring of all profits for both primary and secondary markets, using the power of blockchain technology

We help anyone who issues tickets worldwide to take advantage of the latest technological innovations

It’s easy for you to integrate with us

Ease Of Integration

Easily tap into the NFT industry with your existing business.

Increase Revenue

Expand to new revenue streams and innovative user experience services.

Zero Collateral Impact

All the benefits of blockchain tickets with no impact on your system.

How It All Works

Blockchain texhnology enables faster, more secure transactions – making it an ideal solution for selling tickets. Move your ticketing system to the blockchain with NeonOx and propel your events, and your business, into the future.

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