Smart tickets in the palm of your hand

Relic Tickets offers smart ticketing and benefits you can’t get anywhere else. This is not your average ticket!

This is the way ticketing should be...

Welcome to the revolution of ticketing. Our smart tickets allow you to receive benefits while keeping you safe from ticket fraud.

Tickets should be secure

The Revolving QR Code

Say goodbye to fake tickets using our updating, rotating QR codes, which update every few seconds to make sure that your tickets are safe and secure.

Tickets should be rewarding

Pre-event marketing

With a relic smart ticket, driving more value before the event is easier than ever. You can deliver opportunities that increase the value for a ticketholder (giveaways, unique access to pre-event content, special purchasing offers) while supporting the fan’s commitment to your brand.

Post-event benefits

Benefits of being a Relic ticket holder don’t end after the event. The fan’s blockchain-authenticated ticket continues to offer value to the fan through potential secondary market opportunities or utility-based benefits for the future.

Sharing tickets should be effortless

Sharing tickets should be easy. No more holding each individual ticket on one device. Create a group of your closest contacts, enter the email you want to share your tickets with and that’s it!

This is the way ticketing should be!

With revolving QR codes, pre/post ticket benefits, easy ticket sharing and more, this is more than just a ticket. This is your gateway to the experiences you love!

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