What happened to respect?

Here’s what we believe:

Ticketing is super broken.
And it needs to change.

You deserve better.

We believe it is time to bring RESPECT back into the Ticketing Industry. RESPECT for the fans and RESPECT for the operators who care about their experience. We believe in heart first, wallet second. If we help artists connect more powerfully with their fans while supporting every aspect of what the venue needs, fans will become fans forever. Everyone wins.

Plus, we are obsessed with ticketing. Let us take that off your plate.

Relic believes you deserve a partner that:

  • cares
  • believes in the good ol’ respect
  • is committed to your success (not theirs) from day one.
  • believes that experiences improve people’s lives and thinks that’s cool.

That’s who we are. That’s why we exist.

We know because we’ve been there.

Our team has 20+ years in the entertainment space working with enabling tech that has transformed many companies. Our relationships cross many verticals from sports leagues and associations to gaming and the enterprise.

We’ve dug cable wire trenches for the PGA, moved porta-potties at events, produced the first VR stream for a NBA game, been unable to get tickets, consoled fans denied access due to fraud, created acoustical sound baths for musical festivals, been scalped, had to pay fees that seemed insane…you get it.

Where it’s going.

It’s time to partner with a team that understands the space and where it’s going. Yes, we are entering a new world of Web3. And, yes, this is powerful, but needs to be activated very deliberately. We get that most of us don’t even have a digital wallet, yet. No problem. We’ve got bridging expertise and processes. We’ll get you there with elegance and appreciation.

It’s time for a change.
We will serve you in a way that makes you remarkable.
And that makes us happy.

-The Relic Tickets team.